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I'm so glad you're here! I'm a Southern Alberta photographer. I've had clients say I'm the most un-intimidating person they've ever met. I can't wait to help you grow your business!


I'm Kinsey

I grew up on a ranch in the middle of nowhere in Southern Alberta, and I loved taking pictures, so my camera went with me on horseback checking cows, branding, wandering around and documenting the buildings and landmarks. I later moved on to weddings - starting my photography career as a wedding photographer has taught me so much about details, styling, lighting, and directing people.

Marrying my love for business and marketing and photography into one career has been so fulfilling - I love watching women go for their dreams and doing whatever I can to help along the way.

behind the lens

the photographer


One of the very best parts of my job! Meeting the women behind the brands. The women who pour their heart and soul into something bigger than themselves. The ones who have the big dreams, and are doing the work to make them happen!



I grew up on the prairie, where you can see for miles, and I love those wide open spaces still. Cue the Dixie Chicks. ;)

wide open spaces



Being a mom while running a business definitely has its challenges, but I work really hard to keep harmony (there is no such thing as balance!) in my life. These girls have brought me so much joy and I learn so much from them. Being mom is #1 and I love all of the dance parties, snuggles and crafts!

my 4 girls

I live for


taking your brand to the
next level

personal brand and product photography
for small businesses.

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