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the experience

You don't want to waste your time or your investment. So, there are a few details we need to figure out before we get to shooting! To make sure we create what you need, we make a plan. I get to know you and your brand and your preferences so you love the end photos! I will walk you through the easy process to ensure we are intentional about getting the photos that will get you to your goals.

Session Planning

Direction & Styling

Discovery Call

Email me or fill out my contact form and I’ll get in touch! We will then book a call so we can chat and brainstorm ways we can show off  your brand! I'll send you a few different package options based on your needs, and booking info so you can grab your date!

Brand photography is more than just pretty pictures! We will jump on one more call to walk through the details. We will make sure we cover everything we need for your shoot so that on the day of we can get right to work and you'll get content you actually use. 

During the session, we will use the plan and work our way through the shot list I’ve prepared for you. We will use props and/or models to tell your brand story! The planning before your session makes this part go so smoothly.

Questions? Ask me!

How It Works

the process

Image Delivery

The best part - you now have a gallery of images to use in your marketing! Your website looks amazing, that weight is off your shoulders, and you have photos for connecting and selling on social media! No more stressing over finding pics to post.

Brand photography packages begin at $800.
Custom quotes available.

"I literally consider her the best in her field. I incredibly appreciate her attention to detail, ...she spends time with you to make sure that she understands your business and exactly what you're looking for in your photos, and she also has the amazing ability to make your photoshoots really fun and enjoyable...her photos will make a huge boost to your business."
- Nicole Joyal

"She has been a massive support from the very beginning . I have loved every second of working with her. She understands my vision and helps to capture photos like this. I can't wait to work with her again next season!" - kris

My clients say it best

personal brand photos

You want images in line with your brand. Whether it's a personal or commercial brand, I love getting to know you and the unique look and feel you are looking for. We plan and shoot a mix of detail, behind-the-scenes, product and lifestyle images to give your marketing a cohesive look.

Let’s show off your personality! The planning process involves choosing location, wardrobe, and props that give you a wide variety. This means outfit changes and capturing a mix of pulled back, up close, and detail shots!

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lifestyle product photos

Lifestyle images show your product or service in action. This involves people or locations! These images can show how pieces work together, how something works, and create emotion to sell to your target market - it also makes your marketing more engaging!

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taking your brand to the next level

personal brand and product photography
for small businesses.

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