- showing up on social media because you don't have good photos to do it

- taking pictures at night, when the kids are in bed, and it's dark outside

- finding the time to take pics because it's always an ordeal

- comparing your photos to other IG accounts with beautiful pictures

- overwhelm over lighting, editing and not knowing where to start

You are struggling with:

hey, small business owner, sound familiar?

imagine feeling confident taking and editing your product photos and sharing them on social media with ease!

you can totally take pictures like these

- next to a window in my house - no other light
- with very inexpensive (or free) props
- and edited on my iphone 11

these were all shot:

you can absolutely take great photos with no fancy camera or props

Where to find backdrops and props (the ones that I use!)

Where to put things and up your styling game!

How to troubleshoot the lighting scenarios in your house

How to edit in Lightroom mobile and make those photos pop!

How to shoot with your phone so it looks like you know what you're doing!

Where you should take your photos, what to use and how to set it up


learn to take your own product photos, with the camera you already have - your phone!

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the $47 mini-course that teaches you how to take great product photos with just your phone!


- Ashley, beta tester

"I'm in the editing section and again I really appreciate the way you do this. Your examples and instructions are fantastic."

what Flatlays Made simple students have to say:

MODULE 1 - What You Need

- Equipment must-haves
- Backdrops - how to make and where to buy
- Props - how to use what you already have
and find what you don't
- Lighting - types of light and where to go in your house for the best light
- Phone camera settings to make you shoot like a pro!
- Reflectors - how and why to use one

ready to learn?

I can't wait to teach you!

MODULE 2 - Get Shooting!

- The basic go-to setup you'll use over and over
- How to deal with lighting issues like dark shadows and weird color - get unstuck quick!
- Camera angles - up your content output with one simple tip!
- Composition - where to put what

MODULE 3 - Editing

- Take your photos to the next level with the right editing!
- Editing apps - what to use, your options explained
- Basic Edit - the quick tweaks to take your pics from "meh" to "wow!"
- How to edit funky colors to make sure your product looks just right

you mean there's more?

all my best tricks to help you get those photos


- LIGHTBOXES LESSON - how to use artificial light,
aka how to shoot at night when the kids are asleep!
($25 value)

- PRESETS LESSON - how to use them, how to make your own
($25 value)

- FLATLAY TEMPLATES - just follow the guide!
($35 value) 

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You are making awesome products, balancing the mom life and the business life, and all of the other hats. You have goals for this small shop of yours - but you don't have photos on your Instagram feed that reflect how awesome your products are. Hiring a professional isn't in your budget just yet, and your lack of confidence and the quick iphone pics are holding you back from making the sales you want to make. I am a mom, with a side hustle, so I get it! I'm here to help. In Flatlays Made Simple, you'll get that confidence and you'll learn a simple way to take and edit product photos with ease. 

i’m kinsey.
product photographer
and your new cheerleader


You want to find the right light confidently and troubleshoot any issues that come up

You want to create your own content and never be stuck with just customer photos

You want to edit your product photos to make them look professional

You want to feel confident in your product photography skills


you're in the right place!

"So worth $47!!!!"

- tonya, beta tester

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Finally start posting your photos confidently to social media! I'll walk you through it every step of the way. You can do this!

flatlays made simple

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i'm so excited to show you how easy it is to get professional photos of your products!

easy DIY product photos