10 on Tuesday

A little glimpse into my life…


1. My sister Brianne came home for a week from Utah and it has been so good to see her!

2. Ava has slept through the night once or twice in the last week. I think. ? I’m tired.

3. I signed up for the Moonlight Run and I’m excited to run a race – it’s been too long. My sister wants to do a half marathon in June and I’m thinking I want to. We’ll see if Clark is up for a trip to Utah.

4. My baby brother turned 18! What?

5. Family Day involved two of my very favorite meals – roast beef, potatoes, gravy, etc (leftovers from Sunday), and homemade chicken noodle soup (with homemade noodles) – all made by my mom. Best day ever.

6. I shot a wedding on Saturday with a gorgeous bride and had so much fun with the happy couple and their entourage. It was even warm (for Feb)! I love shooting weddings. I even had a lovely assistant, Charity. She’s only 14 now but I think we will see big things from her! 🙂

7. I am halfway through Season 1 of Downton Abbey and I like it so far. Every time I see someone post something on Facebook I have to scroll quickly past – sounds like a lot of people die or do terrible things later on?…people seem to be disappointed a lot lately. Trying not to spoil it for myself.

8. Valentine’s Day – I almost forgot. Clark got me chocolates and brought home dinner from Osho’s for a nice night in. I love Osho’s.

9. Two clients just had babies so I have two newborn sessions on Saturday! I love holding other people’s babies. 🙂

10. I never ever used to have baths. They kind of grossed me out. Especially when I was in a student in 100-year-old apartments (yes I”m exaggerating) – I just didn’t take baths. But we put a tub in when we built this house and it has become my favorite way to chill out at the end of a long/stressful/tiring/any day. Chocolate is always a bonus.


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