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10 Things You May Not Know About Me

I always love reading these types of posts from other people, so today I thought I’d share my own list of 10 things you may not know about me:


1. I love meat. I have a hard time ordering salads even though I like them. I’m much more likely to order steak or a burrito or a burger. And salads don’t come with fries. #problem


2. I am a recovering nail biter. I have quit many times. It’s an awful habit and so embarrassing. I blame my dad. Right now I keep them painted and I don’t bite them.


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3. I love word games like Mad Gab, or Balderdash (which no one has really heard of or wants to play). I was a huge bookworm when I was younger and loved learning and using words.


4. I’m the second oldest of six kids. I have four sisters, and one brother who happens to be the youngest in my family.


5. I took piano lessons until I was 14. And yes, I’m so sorry I stopped there and have lost so much! I tried taking piano lessons when I was pregnant with my last baby and with all of the nausea it was just not the right time! But I have it on my list to make a priority after my kids are a little older.


6. When I was younger I wanted to raise grass-fed chicken for a business, along with eggs from free-range chickens. My dad subscribed to Stockman Grass Farmer magazine, which I read all the time (yup #nerd) and we raised and ate our own grass-fed beef growing up (my dad was a rancher), before it was a thing that people really knew/talked about. I still want chickens!


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7. I wish I could grow all the things – fruit trees and a big garden. But our yard isn’t big enough for a basketball court (my husband’s dream) and a huge garden and a lawn, so right now we just have a small garden, and a big lawn which is great for the kids!


8. I once wanted to be a cake decorator. My mom used to decorate cakes, including wedding cakes, and my great grandma was an amazing baker, known especially for her cinnamon rolls. I purposely haven’t gone down that road because I know I would eat everything and be very unhealthy! So instead I stick to my kids’ birthday cakes, and an occasional mediocre pie or dessert.


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9. I like to sew and want to be able to alter/sew clothes for myself that don’t look homemade. I’m not very patient, which you need to be, and I’m not as particular as you should be, but I find some kind of satisfaction in it! My mom and my grandma are both awesome seamstresses and I hope someday to be more like them! My last project was Easter dresses for my girls, and my next will be Christmas dresses.


10. I can’t handle watching movies that are even remotely scary. Even too much suspense or slightly scary music and I’m out of there.



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