Cary and Stacy | Raymond Wedding

I have known Stacy for a few years now, and I was so excited when she contacted me about wedding photos! She and Cary wanted a simple, classic, intimate wedding with those closest to them. We met up before the ceremony for a few photos of them and their families, and then they were off to get married and run away to Hawaii! 🙂


These two both love to read, and between the two of them, I think they have a pretty impressive book collection! We wanted to stay close by their ceremony site with a short timeline, and I scouted out this alleyway a couple of houses down the street – love it! The lilacs were out, and so was the sun, and the lighting was perfect. Looking back on these, I can smell those lilacs behind them. My mom had a whole hedge of lilacs and in the spring we would constantly be bringing her little bouquets.


Stacy is just classic elegance to me – she always has a warm smile and is quick to laugh! I love hearing her thoughts on things. I’m so happy for these two!


After we spent some time taking photos of the bride and groom, their kids and parents came for family photos. This is Stacy’s daughter, who was dancing away and I captured a few photos of her. What a free spirit! I loved it. Not camera shy at all!


I kind of just love these next photos! Marriage goals! 🙂

And we took a couple of silly ones just for fun! This was my favorite of Cary and Stacy.


Stacy handmade all of these paper flowers – she is amazing! I loved all of the vintage-looking plates she had on the tables, too.

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