Friday Favs

Friday Favs: Favorite Things From the Past Week…

– Ava’s fuzz is growing! Eventually my little girl is going to have hair! 🙂

– Shooting for fun with Leah as a model. The girl is so gorgeous and so sweet. Her mom came along to help and it was fun to hang out with the two of them. We attempted making a dress out of magazine pages, which really wasn’t that easy but luckily Leah makes anything look good!

– Not getting eaten by the cougar. It’s been spotted on both sides of our house now. It was already hard to motivate myself to run – this doesn’t help! Haha

– Getting a package in the mail. Love that.

– Having Ava put herself to sleep. We don’t have this perfected yet but it’s going pretty well.

– Hanging out with my family on Monday and watching my parents with Ava.

– Getting so many entries for the giveaway – wow! And so many people are saying thank just for the chance to enter – there are so many nice people in this world!

– Having a client have her baby on Monday – can’t wait to meet her baby girl and do her newborn shoot!

– Going to the wedding reception of one of my lifeguards. Everything about it matched her perfectly. I just love weddings and wedding details!

– Being a mom. 🙂

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