Friday Favs February Edition | Southern Alberta wedding photographer

Another edition of Friday Favs! Things I am loving this week…

  1. Slippers. It’s cold out there!! I wear slippers for half the day pretty regularly around here. We don’t have any carpet upstairs, so they are a must-have.
  2. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I have been reading it on my treadmill in the morning. The basis of the book is that success doesn’t come by big leaps, it comes by little decisions we make every day – little habits we develop that add up over time – things that are easy to do, and easy not to do. This makes goal-setting less overwhelming and more manageable! 
  3. Anne of Green Gables. Go ahead and laugh! I watched Abbey Kyhl’s “Dealing with Digital Distractions” class during the Shift conference, and one of the statistics she shared is that teenagers today have 50% of the vocabulary of their grandparents. Feeling like I was losing my vocabulary speaking toddler language every day (also scrolling Instagram too much), I picked up my Anne of Green Gables series and have been loving it! I am a nerd and love words. The course also convinced me to plug my phone into an outlet in my kitchen every day night and leave it alone until morning.
  4. My Smashbox contour palette (you can get it at Shopper’s in the mall or on the south side!). This pale face needs a little dimension! 😉
  5. Clean Monday Meals on Instagram – she meal preps for the whole week on Mondays, and it’s all really healthy food. It’s inspiring! I haven’t started doing it the way she does yet but I am just about ready to order a bunch of containers and fill my fridge for a week!


  1. Carmen says:

    I like this idea of Friday favs! Also I saw your shoes quick at church today and then after church I got to thinking, they were really cute, so cute shoes! (Compliment a little late!) Love Anne of Green Gables, Jaycie and I read that together! Ava might like it?? But then again she might be a little young still but you never know. Well you would cause your her mom!

  2. Carmen says:

    Also, love that idea of not bringing your phone to bed with you. I’ve got a bad habit of picking it up first thing in the morning and being on it before bed. Thanks for the inspiration! And question, would you ever do whole30 again? Just curious your thoughts. We can chat sometime about this or reply over email, whichever.

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