Rhonda At Home | Personal Brand Photo Props

Rhonda’s At-Home Brand Session | Personal Brand Photo Props

Your personal brand should reflect you! One way to ensure your photos look like you, is to use personal brand photo props that feel like you! If you’re not shooting in your home, like Rhonda did for her photos, bring props from home. Use props and activities that are natural to you or part of your business. 


keep it natural

For Rhonda’s brand session, we started in her kitchen. She is a foodie who’s known for how much she cooks and bakes, so this was the most natural location. We took photos of her making bread, which is something she bakes often. During this process, she used her lame to score the bread, and as a result, we were able to get photos that showed her in action as well as detail photos that didn’t show her face. By having her do something she does all the time, we helped her feel comfortable and look natural! As a personal branding photographer, it is so fun for me to help your personality and the real you come through in your photos. 



think variety

We then moved to a few different spots in her house that really showed who she is. She is incredibly artistically talented, and we took some photos of her painting with her kids in their craft room. She is always making and serving them delicious food, so we took photos of that too. Lastly, her faith is very important to her, and she has a whole wall of art of Jesus that we used as a backdrop. See how we incorporated who she is into her photos?



Rhonda loves to entertain, and part of that is the decor. We had her walk us through setting a table with a few dishes, and arranging flowers. Within these activities, we captured detail photos that she could also use for content in her upcoming book. Rhonda is an amazingly talented photographer, so she will be adding so many photographs of her own to her book, but getting photos of yourself is always the hardest! Bringing a variety of personal brand photo props helps us get you a larger variety of shots that you can use in so many places.



As a personal brand photographer, most importantly, I capture a mix of close-up details, action shots, and posed looking-at-the-camera shots for you. This variety ensures your Instagram grid doesn’t get boring, and your brand photos are easy to use. Capturing a variety, will make sure you always have a photo when you need it (website, packaging, newsletter, bio photo, Reel covers, IGTV covers, post photos, stories etc.), and props are a big part of that!


what should you bring?

What props should you bring to your own personal brand session? Well, here is a list of some props that we used for Rhonda:


  • Cookbooks
  • Dishes
  • Flowers and vase
  • Bread dough and lame
  • Craft – paint and wood
  • Tray of food
  • Baked bread
  • A child/family members (not really a prop but welcome additions! ;))





Want more ideas? Not sure what to bring for your own photos? Grab my list of even more prop ideas for your brand session here: Get the list!

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