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Photography Workshop for Small Businesses

I am so excited to be offering my first in-person photography workshop for small businesses! I have taught some beginner photography classes, but not specifically for businesses. This workshop is geared specifically towards businesses selling a physical product that they can bring along and get hands-on help and practice shooting.

30-Day Flatlay Challenge

Why a Workshop

Why would I teach a workshop to help people take product shots when I offer product shots as a service that I sell myself? When I entered the world of commercial or brand photography, I met many owners of small shops. Whether they had an etsy shop or sold at markets. I saw so many talented, amazing women selling physical products, and I realized that they all needed photos! Not all of them had photography skills to really show off what they were selling. I felt a big pull to help fix that problem, because on a website and social media, pictures would make or break their sales. At a market people can see how awesome their products are because they can see them and touch them, but online you don’t have that luxury. Your photos have to sell.

30-Day Flatlay Challenge Examples

Photos with Your Phone

The best part? You don’t have to have a fancy camera. You can just bring your phone! If you have a fancy camera, feel free to bring it. You will get great images! But I’m making this doable for any business owner! You might have seen me doing a flatlay challenge on my instagram account (@kinseyholtphotography) and I am taking every image with my iPhone 7.

What will it be like?

At the workshop, I will have backgrounds and props for you to shoot with. I’ll demonstrate first, and then I’ll help you try it out with your own products, so that we can troubleshoot for your specific needs. I will teach you about lighting, composition, where to find inspiration, where to find backdrops, props, etc. And then we will shoot! We will also cover editing with Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile, a free app and what I use. You will go home with images in your phone, edited and ready to post on social media or your website. And you’ll have the skills to take more!

DIY Photography Workshop for Small Businesses

January 25, 2020

1:00-5:00 pm

Dwell Urban Venue



I want to help you show off what is awesome about what you sell – if you need to learn how to up your photo game –go get more details here! Share the love with your friends with small businesses, too!

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