Rhys and Presley | Waterton Engagement Session

I was so excited to meet up with Rhys and Presley for their Waterton engagement session. I frequented Presley’s workplace (well, one of them, she is a hard working girl!) before Rhys decided to ask “the question,” and had met her previously as one of my brother’s friends. I loved going in and talking to her and when she started dating Rhys, I would always get an update! One day when I went in, she talked about me shooting her wedding. Of course I said I’d love to if they decided to get married! One day I got a text from Presley, with many exclamation marks….she was engaged!! Rhys is also friends with my brother, so I got to hear two sides of their love story as it unfolded…so happy for these to be getting married!

Presley is one of those happy, bubbly, fun people who just light up a room or a group when she enters. She is always excited about something and is just so fun to be around. Rhys is completely smitten by her, and I think they go so well together. Rhys is a pretty amazing person, as well. I’m not sure he wants everyone to know, but he is amazing on the piano and I first met him at his sister’s wedding, which I was lucky enough to shoot, and he played at her reception! He is a man of many talents, and just a solid, dependable, nice guy.


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