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Product Photos: Tumble Works

I was so excited to do these product photos. Trish from Tumble Works loved sea glass, but lived on the prairies. Sea glass is hard to come by here! So, she discovered a way to recycle glass and turn it in to sea glass herself. Over time she has upgraded the process to keep up with demand and built her business to where she now provides sea glass place cards for weddings all over the continent and works with many calligraphers and wedding planners to provide them with beautiful sea glass. You can find her on Etsy or on her own website:

Trish needed some updated product photos for her website, to showcase these amazing colors of sea glass. These place cards really add a lot to a wedding, especially when customized by a calligrapher! For these product photos, we stuck to a simple white backdrop to keep the product the focus. The exception was the white glass, which blends in, so we opted for a slightly darker backdrop for those. To really showcase the details of these place cards, we arranged them in different ways. We even showed them packaged, so a potential customer can see what they will get in the mail, and how many come in a bundle.

Dark blue sea glass place cards
Black sea glass product photos

If you’re looking for product photos, visit my Contact Me page and get in touch. We’ll start with a complimentary discovery call to find out what you are looking for, we’ll brainstorm what a shoot would look like for you, and we’ll find out if we’re a good fit! Following the call, I will put together a proposal for you with package options to fit your needs/budget.

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