33 Things for 33 Years

33 Things About Me

It was my 33rd birthday this year – yes I am that old. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So here are 33 things you may or may not know about me:

  1. I am the mother to 4 girls
  2. I am the 2nd oldest of 6 kids (5 girls + 1 boy)
  3. I love potatoes in almost any form – fries, mashed, twice-baked, soup, fried, hash browns, spud nuts ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. For Valentine’s Day the last few years my husband has brought home Osho’s and Ferrero Rochers and we have stayed home to celebrate.
  5. I am actually kind of shy but have had to (mostly) get over it to be a wedding photographer!
  6. I am an introvert, so I definitely need my alone time, but I actually love meeting and talking to people, so I think I might qualify as an extroverted introvert, if that’s really a thing.
  7. I love seeing money grow in savings accounts.
  8. When I was younger I wanted to raise grass-fed chickens to sell and have free range hens to sell the eggs but never did. I even have a book on how to raise grass-fed broilers! I would love to have chickens right now but live in town.
  9. I have had a lot of ideas to start things in my life but have let fear and insecurities hold me back for so many. This past year I have worked hard at this, and one of the things I conquered fear over was putting on a women’s retreat in my town with a friend – www.raymondwomensretreat.com
  10. I like running but it has mostly been put on the back burner while having babies. Excited to get back to it this spring!
  11. One thing I would like to get much better at is public speaking.
  12. I love reading and learning new things so I usually have at least one book on the go, if not two or three. I haven’t read a fiction book in a while. I read books on my iPad or listen to audiobooks on my treadmill.
  13. My favourites colours are light blues and greens. And white and gray.
  14. When I was 14, I won the title of First Runner-Up to Miss Cornfest.
  15. I took flute lessons for 2 years
  16. I took guitar lessons for 1 year from a guy named Harvey.
  17. I took piano lessons until I was 14 and want to start again when my kids are all a little bigger. I started once a couple of years ago but got pregnant and I was too sick!
  18. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management from Brigham Young University.
  19. I didn’t plan to be a wedding photographer – I always had my camera taking pictures of events just to document life and a family friend asked me to shoot their wedding. I brought my mom along for moral support!
  20. I have terrible eyesight and have worn contacts since grade 6.
  21. ย This spring is my and my husband’s 10th wedding anniversary
  22. I like planning events – I did an internship for my degree that involved community events and my first “real job” after graduation did, too. This past fall I put on a women’s retreat with a friend. I wanted to be an event planner and when I was 14 I put on a horse show for my sisters and their friends. Weddings are pretty big events and I love being a part of them!
  23. In university, I started out majoring in landscape management and wanted to be a landscape designer. I took floral design and many classes about plants and still love them!
  24. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – yes it’s a long name!
  25. I like Miss Vicky’s original chips
  26. I am really visual – I need to see things laid out!
  27. I hated gardening as a kid when I had to weed ours but now I want more garden space to grow more things!
  28. I would love to go to Australia (Man From Snowy River anyone?) and New Zealand.
  29. I met my husband at church. We didn’t start dating until a year later.
  30. I love Nutella. And Ferrero Rocher chocolates because they have Nutella in them! Also Lindor chocolate.
  31. Words of affirmation is my love language. I keep lots of notes and cards from people. Physical touch (all the hugs ;)), quality time and acts of service all scored almost the same as words of affirmation when I took the test, and gifts was very last and far behind.
  32. On the Myers-Briggs personality test I am an INFJ if that means anything to you!
  33. I love goals and lists and trying to bring organization and routines to the chaos of being a mom with young kids.

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