Tennyson & Noel | Cardston temple wedding

Tennyson + Noel


These two are some of the sweetest people you’ll meet. Also the smiliest. 🙂 My husband and Tennyson are related, so I first met Tennyson after we were married almost ten years ago! We love seeing their family during their visits to Canada. Tennyson and Noel both come from Montana, and are both students.

I asked them what their perfect Saturday would look like: “Our perfect Saturday together would be being able to enjoy a sunny day outside. We love to do anything outside together. We have the most fun when we are able to spend the day either going to the lake, fishing, riding horses or watching sports together. Our perfect Saturday would also have to include a good steak and some cookie dough ice cream. :)”

These two LOVE Texas Roadhouse and I have to agree with the good steak making a good Saturday! 🙂



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