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If you have an Instagram account and/or a Facebook page then you face the task of coming up with content for it! Have you ever sat staring at your phone wishing you had a good picture to post? Or a picture to match what you want to share about your products? You’ve heard you need to show your face on your feed, but maybe you don’t have any good pictures of yourself! Maybe you want a more consistent look for your feed. Maybe you’re not sure what you want! This is exactly why I started shooting photos for brands – I want to help!

I am booking mini brand sessions for this weekend (Saturday March 2!) and I wanted to explain what mini brand sessions are, how they run, and what you get out of them! I have a few spots left!


What are mini brand sessions? What are brand sessions?

A brand session is a photo shoot to create content for you to use in  your social media feeds and elsewhere. Everyone with an Instagram account or Facebook page needs something to post! And I am here to help you with that. Ideally, we get a few shots of you even if you sell a product. People want to connect with the people behind a brand! A mini brand session is just shorter than a regular brand session.

For these minis, each time slot is 15 minutes. This isn’t a lot of time, so we do planning beforehand to make sure we shoot quickly and efficiently! A regular brand session is 60-90 minutes.


Bows by Robin’s Nest


The Sarah Nicole

What can we shoot at a brand session?

We can shoot anything you would like to see in your feed – flatlays of your products, simple product shots that you can also use on your website, your product on a model, photos of you! The goal is to give you a variety of images to post. I will be bringing props, as well as an 8-foot white backdrop. Dwell has brick walls, clean beige walls, and vintage furniture pieces as well as decor items to help us stage your shoot, too.


Scarf by Robin’s Nest


Play gym by the Baby Niche


The Sarah Nicole

What do I get out of a brand session?

A brand session gives you content! We align the style of the photos with your brand, so that your feed looks the way you want it to. We choose the colours and props that we use strategically. A mini brand session comes with 15 photos. A regular brand session comes with 60-70 images.


Bows by Robin’s Nest


Lounge nest and shirt by Baby Boats

How do I prepare for a brand session?

I send you a questionnaire that helps you fill me in on what your brand message is, what you want people to know about you and your brand, and any preferences or requests you have! You also give me your social media handles so I can look at your current feeds, website, etc to get a feel for your brand.

I want to know everything you want to tell me – whether it’s requesting that the sole of your baby moccs are shot from a certain angle, or that you have a favourite side of your face, or that you really want to show that your products are for a certain demographic that hasn’t been represented in your feed yet. I really want to know all of the details – the more I know about what you are looking for, the better I can deliver and give you the images you need!


Lounge nest by Baby Boats


Rainbow stacker by the Baby Niche


You are also welcome to bring props to your shoot! If you have items that are your brand colours, or that are part of your work (ie a laptop, slippers if you always work in them, your kids because they’re a big part of it, etc.), bring them! 🙂 I will send you a guide with more details on how to prepare as well.

Email or use the Contact form found in the menu above to get times, further details, and to snag your spot! I can’t wait to see you!


Swaddle by Hello Wild Baby Co, toys by the Baby Niche


Rainbow stacker and blocks by the Baby Niche, swaddle by Hello Wild Baby Co



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