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Absolute Dental | Lethbridge dentist photography

I’m catching up on posting clients from 2022 and Absolute Dental was such a fun shoot! These are great examples of Lethbridge dentist photography.

Lifestyle brand photos are the ones that show a product or service in action. Absolute Dental is a dental office in Lethbridge and they needed content for their social media. We went over their services and laid out a plan to capture a few images of each type of service they offer, as well as a staff photo and some individual staff headshots (scroll to the bottom for those!).

The dental office took care of models, bringing in some willing clients to model for us. As an awesome Lethbridge dental office highly recommended by their clients, we wanted to make sure to showcase young children, to show how great their staff are at providing dental care to kids. We also showed their adult clients for their services like Zoom whitening, Invisalign, and regular dental care.

I loved how the big windows in their office let in so much natural light – it felt like such a welcoming space to be in! It also helped with taking photos.

My favorite thing about doing Lethbridge dentist photography at Absolute Dental was the family feel! The staff were all friendly, but you see that almost everywhere. But there was a connection where they all seemed relaxed and comfortable with everyone else and it was just a great place to be. I’ve heard they might have some new staff members so I am hoping I’ll get to visit again!

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Young blonde woman receiving dental exam at Absolute Dental in Lethbridge Alberta dentist photography
Dental tools held by rubber gloved hands as an example of Lethbridge dentist photography
Smiling young girl in dentist chair at Absolute Dental for Lethbridge dentist photography
Lethbridge dentist photography showing Cole Nelson talking with client and showing him teeth models
Teeth models at Absolute Dental for Lethbridge dentist photography
Young man holding up Invisalign trays - Lethbridge dentist photography
woman receiving dental treatment at Absolute Dental in Lethbridge Alberta
Invisalign trays and female patient for Lethbridge dentist photography
Smiling young girl with pink dental bib Lethbridge dentist photography
Absolute dental admin helping patient in Lethbridge dentist photography

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