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5 Things You Need On Your Website

Your website is a representation of your business, and if I want to do business with you, I’ve found that these 5 things are what you need on your website! I’ve incorporated these 5 things into my own website so I’ve included screenshots to give an example.


What You Do

Whether you have an about me page or a services/products page, I want to know what it is exactly that you do! I have been to websites where there are beautiful images and graphics, but I clicked away because I had no idea what the site was offering me! In the Story Brand by Donald Miller, he teaches that clarity drives sales, because our customers want to know exactly what we can do for them. I am a photographer for small businesses. If I just put photography, to potential clients it could look like I was a wedding, portrait, boudoir, newborn or other kind of photographer. I specifically put the word business because I am not sure that “brand photography” or “commercial photography” are terms that every business owner is clear on.


The 5 things you need on your website - first off, what do you do?


How to Get in Touch

If I want to work with you or have questions about your products, then how do I get in touch with you? Consider placing a contact form on your site so visitors can contact you without clicking away. It just adds one more step and we are lazy these days! About 70% of my leads come from my contact form. If you don’t have a contact form, then list an email address or phone number where people can get in touch. Make sure they know how to connect!


Out of the 5 things you need on your website, a way to contact you may be the most important!


Social Media Links

Place social media buttons or links on your website and make sure they link up right! Test them yourself. If we want our customers to know, like and trust us, then we can invite them to follow along on these channels to get more behind-the-scenes and regular updates!


Include your social media links to invite people to follow you!



I always buy items off Amazon with the best reviews – I want to know that other people have had a good experience! The same goes for your website. If you don’t have any reviews, then consider reaching out to your clients and asking!


Display testimonials on your website so that prospective clients or customers can see that others have had good experiences doing business with you!

About Me/ Photo of Yourself

People want to connect with the person behind the brand. My top-ranking social media posts are ones of me, or me with my family. I have read over and over that people buy from people, so place a photo of yourself on your website and tell your customers a little about you! How can you help them? What expertise or skills do you have that help them? If you don’t have a current photo of yourself, then don’t worry – I can help with that! Use my contact form. 😉


Always include a photo of yourself - people love to buy from people!


What do you think are essential things for a good website?

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