Friday Favs

Friday Favs – Favorite Things From the Past Week…

– The response to the Mother’s Day giveaway – wow! I am seriously blown away and so excited. Thank you to everyone who entered!! I am very excited to see who wins this!

– Warm weather (yes I’m excited about this every week!). It is so much nicer to shoot outside when it’s warm!

– Ordering a new wireless remote for my camera to help with my self-portrait project – yes I’m excited about something that small. 🙂

– Upgrading my version of Photoshop – I’ve been using CS4 and will soon be using CS6 (if you buy 5.5 right now you get a free upgrade to CS6 when it comes out, which is supposed to be soon). I also use other software from Adobe called Lightroom, which got an upgrade as well.

– Shopping – Ava and I went on a little shopping spree for her – little girl clothes are so fun!

– finishing editing of Robynn and Brian’s wedding (it took 2 weeks which was the goal! :)).

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