Friday Favs

Friday Favs: Favorite Things From the Past Week…

– Doing a shoot with my sister, Kelsey, who was home visiting for a few days. We don’t see each other often enough so it was fun to hang out. And for the first time, other than her grad, it was her idea instead of mine! 😉

– Getting the cutest pink chair for the studio. My baby girl can’t sit up yet so I won’t be able to use it with her for awhile but it is so little and cute.

 – Once again, warm weather and getting outside!

– Being on the ball for Mother’s Day this year and having the cutest little gifts all ready to go! Yes, of course, they have something to do with photography… I think Ava’s grandmas are gonna love ’em!

– Getting closer to a fun announcement…watch for it on Monday! 🙂

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