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It goes by so quickly…

Last weekend was my 6th wedding anniversary, so my own wedding was on my mind. We had just returned home from a trip to visit my baby sister, who has been married for just over a year now, and the two of us were talking about how fast your wedding day goes. She commented that there were things she missed that I had gotten pictures of, like my little girl following me around with her toy camera, and family members visiting, and that she didn’t have time to see all of the people she wanted to see. And I realized, again, why I shoot weddings. I love capturing the little moments, and the people, so that the bride and groom can relive the day. Because one day goes by so quickly!


Couples can spend months planning all of the details to make one day perfect, and before they know it they’re married and that day becomes a memory. I love looking back at the pictures I have from my own wedding, of my reaction to a speech from my sisters, or the laughs after my husband’s nephews gave him some advice. The shots of the cake cutting where we are laughing. The photos of my cousins talking, of my grandma, of childhood friends. Me with my mom. The way I am looking at my new husband – so excited to start our new life together.


I also love looking back at the photos I take from my bride’s and groom’s wedding days. Photos bring to mind a line of a speech that I thought was so touching, or the way the bride’s father was looking at her before their walk down the aisle. The way grandma was cracking jokes during family photos. The tears of the maid of honour as she toasts her best friend, who also has teary eyes. The big hug from mom (and often tears) before the bride takes the hand of her husband-to-be.

I love the connections between people. I love, love. Not just the sweep-you-off-your-feet kind of love most couples feel when they get engaged and plan their wedding, but the love between a grandma and grandpa as he sneaks a kiss during dinner, or helps her to her seat at the ceremony, and the love of the mother of the bride as she lovingly makes sure her daughter’s day goes as smoothly as possible so she can have that perfect day she dreamed about. The love between sisters as one straightens the other’s dress for the thousandth time, and helps during the months of planning – the many visits to the bridal shops for that perfect dress, and the cake tasting, and the decorating, and the sealing invitations, and the things she says about her during her maid-of-honour speech. The best man who surprises himself when he gets just a little emotional talking about his best friend since kindergarten and all of the things they’ve been through together. People and our relationships with them are what make life so amazing! And I love getting to see those connections in every wedding day I am privileged to be a part of. I love being able to help capture memories for my brides and grooms for years to come.




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