Kim and Luke | Wedding

Kim and Luke were married on a super crazy windy weekend in April! I had met Kim before, at her sister Jill’s wedding, but I met Luke the day of. These two were so happy to be getting married, the wind didn’t bother them at all.

Kim and her sister Jill do some pretty crazy, amazing things – I think it’s called circus – but they do these amazing gymnastic-like moves on long strips of fabric hanging from the ceiling (a super tall one). They climb on them and wrap them around themselves and do crazy stunts! They also do crazy things on hoops hanging from the ceiling, and they’ve even done stunts with the two of them.  If I could show you a video I would – these girls are amazing!

But back to the wedding day – it is always so good to see the same families again! The Wikkerink family is such a nice family – just good people and so kind. Hope you enjoy the photo overload! 😉

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Ceremony: Galt Museum

Reception: Coast Hotel

Kim’s Dress: Magic Moments Bridal in Medicine Hat

Florals: Blooms Flowers and Gifts in Lethbridge

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