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Lethbridge Business Photographer | Brand Minis

Brand mini sessions are a great way to update your headshot and get some fresh content for your website and social media! Looking for a Lethbridge business photographer? Use the contact me link above!

Ashcroft Homes was so generous to let us use their beautiful Lethbridge showhomes for these brand mini sessions!

Courtney – Lethbridge business

Courtney is a pampered chef consultant in the Lethbridge area and wanted to have images for her social media posts. Check her out @cookingconfidently.w.courtney! She brought her kids along because being a mom is part of her brand and it’s the reason behind why she has her own business. While showing more of her everyday reality, we did it in a curated, professional way to help her reader get a peek into her life. Also, we wanted these photos to help her come across as the relatable, down to earth person she is!

Pampered Chef Consultant holding child, photographed by Lethbridge business photographer Kinsey Holt
Hand on grocery flier - Courtney Marchesin teaching how to save money on groceries - photos by Lethbridge brand photographer Kinsey Holt

Cam – Lethbridge business and online business

Cam is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who does coaching ( and podcasting (Dads Making a Difference). In addition, he also runs a mastermind for dads on the side of his full-time job! Cam was the first man to come to brand minis. He was looking for updated headshots and a cover for his new podcast. You can see which image he picked on his podcast page!

Cam Hall, podcaster, sitting on a couch, photographed by Kinsey Holt, Lethbridge business photographer
Cam Hall, coach at Fight the Dad Bod, a Lethbridge small business

Cindy – Lethbridge business

Cindy is the owner of New Heights Occupational Therapy and Wellness. She loves connecting with moms, women, teens and children and helping them to feel seen and understood. Furthermore, her work provides them with hope and tools (physical, mental, emotional, social) to bounce back, and feel like themselves again. She is focused on new moms, by providing them group and individual treatment because she loves supporting women in the transition to becoming a mom! It’s important to her to teach moms that it is ok, and actually to the benefit of their baby/family, to really take care of themselves. She also teaches mindfulness strategies for calming busy minds while being more present in the activities and the roles that mean the most to them. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

In addition to working with moms, another thing Cindy loves is supporting babies and children in their development. This includes things like printing skills, self-help skills, eating a variety of foods, sensory processing, fine motor skills and emotional regulation.

Lethbridge small business owner Cindy Goldhawk sitting on a couch
Woman sitting and writing on paper, photographed by Lethbridge business photographer Kinsey Holt

Felisha – Raymond business and online business

Felisha is a driven lady. For her, 21 Kouture is all about self-expression and creativity. She wants anyone who encounters it to feel like they can be themselves and have fun with the outfits they put on. When asked about how 21Kouture came to be, Felisha told me, “I have always had the entrepreneur mindset that I have today, but just needed something to channel that passion. Fashion is that vehicle. It presented itself in a way that I wasn’t necessarily ready for (taking over Sis Society with a prayer and a dream), but here I am 2 years later and doing the dang thing!” She is definitely doing the dang thing and even more, she is helping women have fun with fashion.

Clothing boutique owner sitting at a counter, photographed by Lethbridge brand photographer Kinsey Holt

Our next mini brand sessions are Nov 18. Get the details and book your spot HERE!

If you are looking for a Lethbridge business photographer to take your brand to the next level, then use the Contact Me form to get in touch!

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