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As a Lethbridge headshot photographer, I love spending a few minutes with each staff member, helping them achieve a headshot they actually like! We chat while we try a few different variations of poses. I don’t believe in silence when getting your picture taken! It’s too awkward. After we take a few shots, I turn my camera around so you can see. We adjust anything you don’t like before you leave. There’s nothing like getting dressed up, doing your hair, putting makeup on, and then getting a photo taken that you hate. I work together with my clients to make sure you get a headshot that you are happy to have on the company website.

If you’re looking for a Lethbridge headshot photographer, I come to you on-site which makes it all more convenient! I bring my gear to you and set it up where staff can easily come and get their pic taken quickly and efficiently. We can also take some team photos.

My mission with Lethbridge headshots

My mission is to help you feel more comfortable in front of my camera. I want you to enjoy your experience and walk away with photos you love! Not very many staff members are excited for picture day – and I totally get it. But, I love connecting with you and I seriously love everybody I photograph. You can be picky – that’s totally okay! I want you to walk away feeling good, while thinking it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it was going to be.

Optical Studio

Every quarter or so, I get to visit Optical Studio and take photos of any new staff members. They like to keep their website up to date. My favourite feedback I received was when one their staff told me about how she had her photo taken for another job. They had tried all different poses and spent so much time trying to get good photos, but still ended up ordering retakes. Then, I spent a couple of minutes with her, turned the camera around, and she loved it. She said she couldn’t believe I didn’t do anything crazy or take very long and yet she loved her pic! That absolutely made my day because that is exactly my goal!

Headshot Examples

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