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Picture a beautiful, custom Van Arbour home, high-end looking props and the beautiful packaging of Ebony & Ivory Co – it was a great shoot for Ebony & Ivory Co’s new website! Brianne has a really clear brand and we wanted to incorporate some moodiness with the black wall in their building. We captured staff headshots, styled product photos, and then lifestyle Lethbridge product photos in the showhome. We also captured some behind the scenes of pouring and labelling the candle back at the warehouse.

Images for Your Marketing

Have you seen any of these pop up in an ad on your Instagram? I have! It’s so fun and rewarding to see Lethbridge product photos that I capture go to work to make a business money and support people’s families. These Lethbridge product photos are on the Ebony & Ivory website, their Instagram, and their paid ads.

Shotlist for Lethbridge product photos

The website we were shooting for was already designed, so we had specific needs to meet when shooting. We captured a few different images to use for the header on the home page, then detail shots to sprinkle throughout, as well as the staff photos for the about page. The about page actually has a lot of the images we shot and it looks so good!

Style for these Lethbridge product photos

This shoot was a bit more moody than some of my other client shoots, so if your brand is moodier and you wondered if that was something I could capture, scroll down to see some examples!

Shoutout to Brianne

Something you can’t tell about these photos is that Brianne was actually incredibly sick when we shot these. Her website launch date was coming up and she didn’t want to push it back, so she powered through. What a woman! Her commitment to her vision for her business is inspiring and it was such a great experience to get to work with her and her teamn.

Ebony & Ivory Candle Co pouring candles

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