How to Get Comfortable on Camera

Your hands suddenly feel very conspicuous, and you don’t know how to stand, something you normally do just fine. Your breathing picks up and you feel like a deer in the headlights.

Is that how you feel as soon as a camera turns your way? As your brand photographer, I know just how nerve-wracking it can be to step in front of the camera, especially when it’s for your brand photoshoot.

But, I’ve got you! I’m here to give you some tips to have you camera-ready and confident. Here are my best tried-and-true tips on how to get comfortable on camera. And remember, it’s not all on you! I’ll be there beside you, helping you know exactly what to do and cheering you on – I’m your new biggest fan!

Two women laughing looking very comfortable on camera - Lethbridge brand photography by Kinsey Holt

My best tips to get comfortable on camera

  1. Breathe and Relax: First things first, take a deep breath and relax. Preferably through your nose (I’ve been learning all about our nervous systems and nasal breathing helps tell your brain you’re ok!) Remember, this is your moment to shine! Embrace the opportunity to showcase your brand and let your personality show. Think how legit you are going to look on your website after this!
  2. Visualize Success: Close your eyes and visualize yourself rocking that photoshoot. Envision yourself feeling confidence and radiating your awesomeness. Positive visualization can really help you relax a bit.
  3. Connect with Your Photographer: Building a rapport with your photographer can make all the difference. On your Discovery Call, and your Planning Call, we’ll take some time to chat, share your vision, and you can express any concerns you may have. Why do you think I do zoom calls vs just a questionnaire? I want to see you and talk to you so you get a little bit more comfortable with me before the shoot even happens! This helps you be more comfortable on camera.
  4. Dress to Impress: Choose outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. Whether it’s a power suit or your favorite graphic tee, wear something that reflects your personality and brand aesthetic. When you feel good in what you’re wearing, it shows in your photos. Bend over, reach up, sit down, and make sure you can move without trouble! Check out all your angles in the mirror to make sure you feel good. When we feel good we look good! And wardrobe is a part of that.
  5. Embrace Imperfection: Remember, perfection is overrated. You want to look your best, but you don’t want to hide your quirks, imperfections, and unique features. They’re what make you who you are and we all want to see that. Authenticity > perfection every time, so let go of any unrealistic expectations and just be yourself.
  6. Have Fun with It: Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! Treat the photoshoot as a chance to play and celebrate how far you’ve come in your business! Give yourself a pat on the back and give yourself permission to relax and enjoy it.

Remember it’s not all on you

Two women staging a living room for their interior designer brand photoshoot - Lethbridge brand photography by Kinsey Holt

So there you have it, my best tips for feeling comfortable on camera at your photoshoot! Remember, it’s not all on you – I’ll be there! I’ll tell you what to do, how to stand, where to put your hands, all the things. We can play music, I’ll be talking a lot so you don’t have to fill any awkward silences (is it just me that cannot do awkward silence??) I’ll walk you through the whole thing and you get to see images on the back of my camera as we go so you can see how amazing you look.

You do have what it takes. You are amazing. Now let’s go show the world what you have to offer!

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