Customize Your Brand Photoshoot

Let’s plan a unique brand photoshoot for you that really showcases your brand, and who you are. Through your wardrobe, your location and props, and hair and makeup, we’ll personalize it to you.

Wardrobe for your Brand Session

Incorporating your brand colors into your wardrobe is a great way to stay on-brand for your brand photoshoot. You don’t have to wear head-to-toe brand colors, though. In fact, I wouldn’t suggest it! But you can wear an outfit with the top in one brand color, and another outfit where your earrings are a different brand color. You can keep everything else fairly neutral unless your brand is very vibrant. Solid color tops photograph well!

Make sure your wardrobe is a reflection of you. If you don’t wear high heels, don’t wear them to your session. Love to dress up? Do that for your session. If you do a job that requires a uniform, wear that! Baker? Bring an apron. Fitness coach or trainer? Workout clothes of course!

Pro tip: Bring a casual outfit and a dressy outfit for sure, then add additional looks.

Pro tip: For variety, bring a jacket or cardigan to mix up your look! If you bring two tops, you can throw a jacket on with one and a cardigan on with another for 4 different looks quickly. Don’t forget to change super fast though! The faster you change, the more pics we get.

Image of Fitness and health coach using ropes for her brand photoshoot

Location/Props for your Brand Photoshoot

I choose neutral locations for mini brand sessions so that they work for a wide variety of brands. The pink couch is SO cute, but doesn’t work for every brand. But if you’re doing a full session, we can do the pink couch! If you have access to any cool locations don’t hesitate to bring that up on your planning call. With a full session, we can also do multiple locations!

Props for Your Photos

To personalize your session, don’t hesitate to bring anything that could personalize or add color to the space.

We can add a bit of your decor to a coffee table, kitchen counter, or couch to personalize your pics to you. Things that could go in your box include throw pillows, a throw, candles, favorite books, your beverage (or holder) of choice, eyeglasses, small faux plants, nail polish or office supplies in your brand colors, small decor items, tools of your trade. When in doubt, bring it out. You never know and we’ll have lots to choose from!

Pro tip: Place a box somewhere central. Over a week’s time, if you pass something in your house that you think might work for your brand session, grab it and put it in the box. Then don’t overthink it – bring the box to your shoot!

Two women staging a living room for their interior designer brand photoshoot - Lethbridge brand photography by Kinsey Holt

Hair/Makeup for your Brand Photos

Just like your wardrobe, keep your hair and makeup very “you!” That being said, you want to show up as the best version of you! When we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we act more confidently.

Hair – If you want to, have 2 hair options for more variety in your pics. Don’t stress – these don’t have to be totally different! Come with your hear down, and then bring a clip or scrunchie to mix it up with a loose up-do for a few at the end. Hair down for the majority is usually a good idea because it frames your face. You could also throw on a hat to mix it up! If this sounds overwhelming, skip it and stick to one style! We can create variety through your wardrobe and poses, too.

Makeup – If you want to get it professionally done, treat yourself and go for it! I definitely recommend it, if makeup isn’t really your thing. If you want to do it yourself, do it like you would for a wedding or a night out. A step above your everyday look. We will be shooting in bright spaces and we don’t want you to look washed out, so make sure to use blush and some color on your lips.

Pro tip: Don’t forget about the rest of you! Your fingernails need attention too, and toes if you’ll be showing your bare feet.

Makeup artist applying makeup for a brand photoshoot

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Want ideas for what props to bring to your shoot? Grab my prop shopping list here.

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