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I love summer mornings, and getting out for a walk/run/bike ride. Why is it so much easier to be active in the summer?? Anyway, this morning as I pedalled past the third person in a row who greeted me with a big smile and friendly greeting, it got me thinking about first impressions, and how that’s connected to brand photography. 

The first few seconds of meeting someone gives you an idea of who they are, and it leaves an impression. In business, we want to leave really good first impressions with potential clients/customers. Brand photography helps you do that.

Your First Impression – why brand photography matters.

So, how are you doing? Does the front page of your website welcome visitors in? Does it tell them what you’re about and what you have to offer in a professional, visually appealing way? Are you proud to send people there? Yes? Awesome! No? No worries, we can fix that with brand photography! What about other platforms? 

brand photography helps you leave a great first impression. This realtor is clearly communicating what she does by holding up a sign that says "New Listing"

Images vs Text

Images tell a story much faster than text. You NEED great copy to convert those visitors and tell them how you can help them with what you are selling, AND you need great images to catch their attention and keep them around long enough to read that text. So, how do you pick great images??

Realtor showing a house coming soon with brand photography

Tips for Choosing Website Pics (ie why you need brand photos)

1. First, pick high-quality images – professional looking, clear and sharp. Next, make sure they fit your brand. You don’t want bright colors and lots of contrast in images if the design of your website and your visual brand is muted and soft. 

2. Make the images do some talking – what do they say about you and your business? During a brand photo session, we plan them out to make sure they tell the right story. 

For example, if you made natural skincare products, we could incorporate natural elements like grasses, flowers, natural textures, or even shoot those products outdoors with rocks, trees, etc. The images would tell your customer these are natural at first glance, without any text. 

3. A great way to really make an impression is to use real people, not just stock images. Stock images are great and absolutely have their place, but with your first impression you want to make sure it looks like you, and not like a bunch of other websites and Instagram feeds. 

Brand photography showing a realtor in a living room
Brand photography session captured content for a realtor's feed, with images clearly showing what she does.

Do you need brand photos? Book a no-obligation, complimentary Discovery call here.

A Discovery call gives us a chance to see if we’re a good fit personality-wise, and gives me the information I need to give you accurate pricing. We talk about your photo needs and walk through what a shoot would look like to get you those images. Then, I send you customized pricing.

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