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AI Mama | Lethbridge food photographer

As a Lethbridge product photographer, I get to see really yummy food! My favorite from AI Mama’s shoot was the freeze dried pineapple, which was so good! Joisa makes freeze-dried goods, including fruit and candy, with more products in the pipeline to come soon. She also takes custom orders, if you don’t see something you need in her shop or at a market.

Freeze-dried fruit made this smoothie bowl look over-the-top amazing! It was hard not to eat while shooting. Ok, full transparency – I did sneak a few snacks along the way. No smoothie bowls, but a few tastes of the candy and fruit!

Food Photography – How it Works

When you sign up for a food photography package, you can either be on-site, or you can ship me the products and sit back and relax (or just get to other tasks!) while I shoot, edit and deliver the images to you. It’s not completely hands-off until shoot time, though. This business is something you’ve invested a lot of time and effort (blood, sweat and tears) into, and so you get to first jump on a planning call with me where we cover the props/types of props I’ll be using, what images you need, the location, any models, etc. This way, I can get you images you will love and use!

After the shoot, I send you a full gallery of edited images from the shoot. You can use these for your website, social media, packaging, or newsletters, etc. Need video? No problem, go ahead and add on raw video clips. These are short little videos from the photoshoot that you can put together and edit in multiple ways to make Instagram Reels, post on Instagram Stories, YouTube shorts, make short promo videos, etc.

Let’s get you photos!

Do you need photos on an ongoing basis, and find it hard to constantly be creating content? Or just not a Lethbridge food photographer yourself? Then sign up for a subscription! Get fresh photos regularly without stressing over DIY-ing them.

lethbridge product photography of freeze-dried candy
Freeze-dried M&M's photographed by Lethbridge product photographer Kinsey Holt
Freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches on a plate, styled and photographed by Kinsey Holt, Lethbridge food photographer
Freeze-dried bananas make a healthy snack! Pictured here on a purple plate. Photo by Lethbridge food photographer Kinsey Holt.
Freeze-dried fruit on ice cream, and smoothie bowls. Images shot by Lethbridge food photographer Kinsey Holt.
Hand holding freeze-dried raspberries. Shot by Kinsey Holt, Lethbridge food photographer.

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