Matt & Erin | Wedding

 This was my first wedding of 2011, and I got the best looking, nicest couple! I’ve known Matt for I don’t know how long – he was always the funniest guy and it’s so fun to see him with Erin. Erin is so sweet and totally gorgeous.

Husband & wife! I always love these first couple of photos as they come out to see everyone right after they get married.


Everyone wanted to see the back of Erin’s dress, and Matt wanted to make sure everyone saw the back of him, too.

And check out this man’s coat:


 And on to the family dinner:

We snuck out at sunset for a few more photos:

 A few of Matt’s friends got to play the harp at the reception:


Congratulations you two!! Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day!

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  1. These are all beautiful! Matt and Erin make one good looking couple! Great job Kinsey! I love the ones of them just getting out of the temple!

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