Week 4 – Project 52

If you have seen me in the last week you’ve noticed that I’ve been wearing glasses – yuck. They’re old and not that cute, but I ripped my last pair of contacts and had to wait for my new ones to come in so I didn’t have a choice. I was so excited to get them and put them in!!

This was shot on my bathroom counter (my very own space – I’m in heaven :)) and these are the settings: 1/100 sec at f2.0, ISO 400. I just taught a photography class last week, and I’m teaching another one tomorrow night, so I’m even more aware of my settings when I shoot lately. It was really fun to see the ladies in the class learn how to use their cameras better. I’m such a nerd – I get so excited when I talk to people about photography!

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  1. Sonja says:

    Kins! We use the SAME contacts!

    Got kind of excited for a second there…sorry.

    But still–we use the same contacts! So fun.

    Oh, and the same thing happened to me at the end of December, and my new contacts didn’t come until LAST WEEK. You heard me. Glasses, every day, for nearly a month.


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