Jordy and Paige | Brooks Riverside Wedding

Love these two! I went to Boston Pizza a couple of weeks ago and thought of them – they have a mutual love of the place! ūüôā¬†These two lovebirds have been together for 11 years. They went to ¬†junior high & high school and graduated together! They started dating in grade 9, have been together ever since, and now they are married! They just happen to have grown up on acreages 10 minutes apart. One of my favorite things about them is their love for their cow herd and how a perfect day would include just working together in the yard or with the cattle!

Some quick highlights from their awesome day: gorgeous weather, Paige’s grandpa being able to make it to the reception even though he is sick and they weren’t sure if he would, the teary eyes over the touching toasts, the hilarious emcee (Jordy’s sister) and hearing about how Jordy’s mom did “Tuesdays with Jordy” – a tradition I want to do with my kids when they leave me! ūüôā Also, the amazing groomsmen who ran back to my car for my camera after I walked across the beach with my camera bag…minus the camera I had set out on the seat. Pregnancy brain! Their whole bridal party was awesome!




First, I started at Paige and Jordy’s home where the guys were getting ready. Jordy’s mom and brother-in-law were there to make sure they got their ties and boutonnieres on okay!



And then off to the girls!






Makeup: Sydney – Instagram: @sydneys_beautybar
Video: Instagram: @dreamdayfilms
Hair: Ashley Christensen РInstagram: @sm.ash.ing_hair 
DJ: Jo Hofer – Instagram: @djjo1976
Catering: Brooks Hotel

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