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What to Wear For Your Engagement Session

An engagement session is included in every wedding collection, because I think it is such an important part of your wedding photography experience! During the session you’ll both have a chance to get to know me, experience how I shoot, how I pose you, how I work with lighting. This will help your wedding day experience because I will arrive on your wedding day already knowing how the two of you interact, things you do and do not like, and what poses work the best for you! It is like a practice run for the big day. When you see me on your wedding day you will already know what to expect – you can just relax and not be worried about being uncomfortable in front of a stranger.



So, what to wear – the big question! First and foremost – wear something that you feel great in. If you feel awesome whenever you wear a certain pair of jeans, wear those! If you always get compliments when you wear a certain dress – wear it! If you can’t narrow it down, bring a change of clothes and we’ll do two looks. Layers and texture photograph well – consider adding a cardigan or fitted jacket, wearing a top with lots of detail or texture, a scarf or belt, and definitely jewelry! And make sure you still feel like you!



Dresses are always flattering for women if you love a dress. Longer, more flowy ones are especially flattering and easy to pose with and they add movement which photographs so well! Shorter length ones are flattering, too! No worries about waistbands cutting in, etc. If you want to do two outfits, bring one more dressy, and one a little more casual. Shoes with heels elongate a woman’s legs and are very flattering. If you wear a peep-toe, a pedicure is always a great idea! And a pair of flats or flip flops for walking in between locations can save your feet!



Muted tones photograph the best. We will be photographing your session outdoors with the sun shining down, and bright colors tend to reflect onto faces. So a fuchsia pink top or neon yellow will make for some strange skin tones that I can’t edit out in photoshop. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear color! Just pick colors that look slightly dusty or worn, for the most flattering photos! Pinks and blues, tans, greys and browns photograph especially well, or any light color. Red can be a tricky color. I have a lot of green and blue and grey in my house, so the majority of our family photos are in that color scheme – just a dustier green, versus a bright kelly green.

A word about matching: try not to! 🙂 Make sure you are wearing tones that are similar, but don’t worry about matching exactly. Just keep your outfits in the same color tone – i.e. earth tones, pastels, etc. And you can definitely mix in neutrals like browns, greys, creams, or navy.


With accessories, I suggest three pieces – i.e. earrings, necklace, bracelet. Accessories will just add a little more pop to your outfit.

Layers are good – a sweater layered over a top, a vest, a belt, a jacket for a guy – incorporating a couple of layer adds visual interest. A nice suit jacket/sportcoat is very flattering for a guy. Layers are particularly good for men, who don’t have the same jewellry options.



At all costs, avoid logos and text on clothing, as well as running or athletic shoes. You can’t be overdressed for an engagement session, so if there is something more dressy you’ve been dying to wear but have no where to wear it, bring it along!



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