Edwards Family

I got to meet the Edwards family the day we shot their session, and they were so friendly – of course they asked about when my baby was due because my belly was huge 😉 but they were just extra sweet. I loved this location! Raylee and her husband Nathan (there are two Nathans!) farm here. They had just started combining, and once you start you can’t stop for long when the harvest needs to get done and the weather is cooperating! I would love to go back and shoot there again.

One fun fact about this family – Jim and Florence (the mom and dad) worked as administrators in a mission in Africa for close to seven years and two of their kids were born there, and are African citizens! When it comes to their grandkids, they are slightly dominated by the boys! I grew up with lots of cousins around – a few of these kids live farther away in Edmonton, so it was really fun to see them all together. We had a few kitten visitors that wanted to hang out with us and of course the kids loved that! The Edwards wanted a nice, looking-at-the-camera big family group shot to document everyone, and these kids made it easy!




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