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Primrose Flower Farm | Southern Alberta Brand Photographer

There is nothing better than visiting a client’s website and seeing their new brand photos up! Check out Primrose Lane’s website! 



I was able to shoot these images on a perfect night – one of the most beautiful nights of the summer! I got to see and photograph in her greenhouse, which is a new addition to the farm. It will help her start flowers earlier in her short growing season, as well as grow vegetables! Sidenote: you haven’t tasted garlic until you go get yourself fresh garlic from the garden. I had no idea how much difference there was between store bought garlic and fresh-from-the-farm garlic. It’s amazing! 

Primrose Lane Flower Farm is located out near Mountain View, and it has an amazing view of the hills and mountains. I love going to visit! Also, Kris is just amazing. One of the reasons I’m grateful for Instagram! I’m so glad we connected and I’ve been able to do a few shoots for her now. 

The Primrose family is passionate about sustainable, organic farming practices. They have chickens, ducks, dogs, horses, llamas and Highland Cows. There is a lake behind their house, their flower and vegetable garden, and she has a huge terraced kitchen garden right beside her house. And, of course, the rows and rows of flowers! If you have homesteader dreams, go visit! They have workshops, open farm days and other events throughout the summer season. And the most awesome, well-mannered, helpful children. I feel like I have to have the best job when I don’t know whether to call people friends or clients! 😉

Enjoy these from our latest session out at the farm: 

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