Take your own product photos with kids

are you struggling to take your own product photos at home?

Take your own product photos. Sounds easy, right? Unless you have little kids around grabbing all the things or needing you! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if something is important enough, you find a way to make it happen. You don’t let obstacles, like having your little kids at home with you, get in the way. But how?? How do you ever get photos done with little hands making messes everywhere all day long? 


product photo of handmade soap on a plate

prep first

  • Make a plan – what photos do you need? Never go into the process to shoot your own product photos without knowing exactly what you want to get out of it. 
    • this can be as simple as, I need 3-4 good photos to list this product on etsy
  • Schedule yourself a time to shoot when the light is good. This could be morning or afternoon, but know your space and where the sun will be at that time. 
  • Set up the night before – props, charge your camera battery/phone etc. Have everything out and ORGANIZED so that it’s easy to find what you need.
  • Feed your kids and get them a drink right before you start. 
  • Give them a fun activity or a special toy to play with. If it’s something they haven’t seen before, that’s even better.
  • Then have a snack ready, because hands putting food into mouths, are occupied hands. (Ha!)


product photo of spoons with soap ingredients in them


get it done – take your product photos!

When the kids are occupied, shoot quickly and get as many different images out of one setup as you can. Work until your scheduled time is up, or your kids are done.

Try to always work ahead so that it’s not as stressful if it takes more than one shoot. It’s okay if everything doesn’t work out perfectly the first try, because you still have time.

Give. Yourself. Grace. 

For a look at what it looks like at my house, you can see this Instagram Reel here.



product photo of handmade soap with ingredients nearby

other tips:

Trade a friend childcare, or beg your mom once a month & shoot as much as you can in that time. 

Save your kids’ screen time for shooting time to keep them occupied.

You’ve got this! Good luck!



Flatlay image of soap with honey and flowers nearby, sprnink oatmeal (ingredients in soap)

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