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Where to Use Brand Photos

You’ve booked that brand session, and are thinking about what photos you need. Or, you’ve shot the photos and are now looking at a gallery of images! You might be wondering where to use those brand photos, and I’m happy to help you answer that!

Knap Creative is one of my favorite local businesses. It’s a two-sister team, and they are the best of the best. After we shot their brand photos last year, I LOVED watching them put them to use! You will see them all over their website, social media, and even printed content. I’m going to use their business as an example for some of the places you can use those brand photos. Scroll all the way through for a comprehensive list at the bottom!


Your Website

Let’s start with their home page. The first image that catches your eye is a photo of the two of them! You’ll also notice that there is a pop-up that features Doreen’s face! You can see exactly who you’ll be working with the second their site loads.

Where to Use Brand Photos - Knap Creative


Next is their about page! Once again, the first photo to catch your eye is a photo of both of them, where you can see exactly who is behind the brand.

You've had your session - now where to put all of those photos?



Their Services page also features their beautiful faces!

Knap Creative Marketing

Your contact form is a really good place to showcase a brand photo – here you can see Doreen already getting to work on your project! Another thing to note is the testimonial right on her contact page – some extra assurance right as someone goes to inquire!

How to get the most bang for your buck


Blogging – we all hear how great it is for SEO – is a lack of images holding you back? Four of the six images you see here were from their brand session! The header at the top of the page is also from their brand session – the pop of yellow is a brand color so we incorporated it to make sure their images match their website and their Instagram feed. These girls have a gallery at their fingertips to pull from for just about any blog post they come up with.

Blog photos from a custom brand photo session


Besides your website, where else can you use those brand photos?

Your Social Media

If you check out Knap Creative’s Instagram feed, you will see Doreen and Carolyn scattered throughout! They value showing their face and being known by their audience, so they have used their brand photos regularly (along with awesome captions!) to do that. The images with text across them are IGTV videos and they’ve used brand photos as the cover image!

Use your brand photos in your Instagram feed


Your Emails

Do you have a monthly newsletter? An opt-in and email sequence? Emails are a great place to use your brand photos!

Where to use your brand photos - in a newsletter or email!

Your Guest Content

A great way to gain exposure (and authority) for your business is to get in front of other audiences. Doreen is the leader of the Lethbridge Rising Tide chapter and used her expertise to help the Rising Tide community with an article in their January guide. This cover photo is from their brand session! She also incorporated other brand photos throughout, as you can see in the next few photos!

Rising Tide free guide with an article by Knap Creative Vision casting and goal setting - use your brand photos in your guest content! Use your brand photos in your pdfs

Doreen and Carolyn currently have a marketing mentorship program, and they have led an in-person workshop, and both come with a workbook. A workbook is another great place to feature yourself, and those custom brand photos that give the feel of your brand!


Here is my big list of places to use brand photos:

  • In a newsletter
  • Email Sequence
  • Funnel landing page
  • Packaging
  • Product tags
  • Blog Posts
  • Thank you cards
  • Business cards
  • Profile Photos
  • Instagram Post
  • Instagram Story
  • Facebook Story
  • Cover photo for Youtube videos
  • Cover photo for IGTV videos
  • Product care instruction cards
  • Trade show banners
  • Pinterest
  • Website listings for products/services (ie Etsy)
  • Catalogs
  • Lookbooks
  • Website header
  • Graphics all over your website
  • Website footers
  • Your opt-ins or pop-ups
  • Website About me page
  • Online ads
  • Flyers


Here is what Doreen had to say about brand photos:

“Having brand photos has reduced the amount of time we spend on our brand materials down to a fraction – plus, it’s so nice to have polished, cohesive imagery across the board! It’s made our brand look more professional and trustworthy overnight.

Worth every penny! 10/10 recommend for any business – product OR service-based.

(Oh, and Kinsey is a dream to work with! She goes the extra mile for every single one of her clients. Thank you Kinsey!)”


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