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zyia activewear | southern alberta brand shoot

Meet Alyssa:

Alyssa is a fun, energetic Zumba instructor and she wears and sells Zyia activewear. As a busy mom of 2, she wanted photos for her Instagram feed to show off her lifestyle and products. Our goals for this lifestyle product shoot were first to show how inclusive Zyia is – that they have sizes and colors and fits for everyone! And second, to show there is an awesome sense of community that comes with it, too. We chose models who we felt would bring this feeling to the shoot, and her feed. 

For a location, we chose the facility where Alyssa often teaches so that the photos would look natural and logical. For the workout images, we chose props that made sense, too. Such as water bottles, and we kept them minimal because no one carries a thousand things to a workout! For the mom images, we kept things natural there, too, with a stroller and her kids! Lifestyle product photos are so fun! The possibilities seem endless and there is a lot of movement and variety and fun! 

When planning and shooting product photos, it’s important to keep things relatable and believable. You want your clients to be able to see themselves wearing or using your products!

How we aligned Alyssa’s goals with the shoot:

After discussing our goals for the images, Alyssa sent me her mood board with inspiration, and photos of the clothing she had for the shoot. I then put outfits together, and a detailed shot list. This shot list included lists of models, what they were wearing, specific inspiration photos, a color scheme and then of course a list of the shots we wanted to get for each set.

I feel strongly about having a good solid Plan A, and then being flexible. Every shoot I have ever shot called for flexibility. We roll with the changes and when we have a plan in place it’s so much easier. We did make some changes to outfits on-site but we still got the variety we wanted and met our goals!

I have been fine tuning my product shoot planning process and I’m so excited about how much better the results become with a solid plan. Send me a quick message with any questions you have about planning product photos using the “Contact Me” link in the menu at the top of the page! 


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