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Hunchie Shop | Lethbridge Product Photography

do you love that scrunchies are back?

Carleen owns a small shop, called Hunchie Shop, based in Calgary. She has the best prints and quality. I have way too many favorites! These photos were of her two latest lines, Tropical Safari and Luxe Neutrals. When she initially contacted me for product photos, I was so excited to see such a fun, bright brand! She knows exactly who she is appealing to! The clearer a business owner is on their target audience, the easier they are to shoot for and the more successful the product shoot!

how did we start working together?

To start off working together, we met on the phone for a Discovery Call, which is where I find out more about who you are, your brand, why you’re in business, and what your goals are. Basically we talk about what photos you need and why! I want to make sure we both feel like we’re a good fit – this is your baby. You can ask any questions and there is no commitment.  To make sure we were on the same page Carleen communicated her vision with me with inspiration photos and a description of her ideal customer, which is another key part of the process.

After receiving the shipment of scrunchies, I learned lots about fluffing them! Carleen was a great tutor to make sure we got them the right shape and fluffed to as close to a perfect circle as possible. I shot them in my home studio, where I do most of my product photos, and sent the images off to Carleen. She got to approve the images or request any changes. Now she has a full gallery to post from whenever she needs them!

Leave a comment for Carleen and let her know which is YOUR favorite! Thanks Carleen – you are a pleasure to work with!

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