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Ash + Twig | Brand Photography

Ash & Twig | Brand Photography:

Joylynn is the founder and maker at Ash & Twig!  She loves keeping everything earthy, grounded, simple and natural as she can. One of the reasons she started making soap was because she hadn’t found a soap scented with essential oils that actually smelled good and worked well. And she has fixed that! 

We wanted these photos to look natural and clean. She uses earth tones and soft colors with clean backdrops to bring that vibe to her brand. Joylynn also requested a few shots with hands – especially kids’ hands, with her soaps in action. So we did that, too! The sky is really the limit with brand photos.

I had the opportunity to try these soaps and I’m converted! After the shoot, I went and bought soap dishes and no more pumps with questionable ingredients at my sink… I love them.  

What Joylynn had to say after she got her images back:

“These are incredible!!! Thank you Kinsey!! Content for months!“ That’s always my goal – maximizing content! Thanks Joylynn!


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