Friday Favs

Friday Favs: Favorite Things From the Past Week

– My baby sister came home from school for a little visit! She and her friend Steph came out and we did a little shoot:

Every time I go in my downstairs bathroom I look at the window and think about how I really want to shoot someone in there because of the lighting. So, when Brianne and Steph came over, I told them we were starting in the bathroom.They thought I was joking. Nope! Here is Steph in my bathroom with me crouched on the counter by the sink. 🙂

– Shooting my own baby is always fun! 🙂

 – This session was rescheduled once, and we almost had to reschedule again but I’m so glad we didn’t because it turned out to be an awesome evening. I just wanted to take this little guy home with me!

Kisses! 🙂 Having a baby made me appreciate capturing moments like this even more!

This guy wants to be a fireman when he’s older so we talked to the Deputy Fire Chief (my father-in-law :)) and he arranged for us to be able to shoot with a couple of fire trucks and even fireman gear!

Tomorrow I’m off to Brooks to shoot a senior – so excited! 🙂

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