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As a Lethbridge salon photographer, I love getting to meet the people the most.

Renee Calvert and Trish Gallup are the masterminds behind The Salon in Brooks, Alberta. They both have extensive experience in the industry and set out to create a spa like experience for their clients. From their website: “Welcome to The Salon. We strive to deliver a big-city experience with a small town feel.”

When you walk in the salon, that’s exactly how you feel. Everything looks and feels like an upscale, quality experience. These ladies know what they are doing!

Planning the Shoot with your Lethbridge salon photographer

Renee was the engineer behind the timeline to coordinate the staff in capturing each service. We moved around the salon to get photos of the staff at work! We wanted to invite their IG followers into the salon to see what it’s like and know they will be welcomed right in and taken care of.

Product Photos in the salon

Renee wanted to showcase their amazing products, so we came up with the idea of using staff favorites. Renee and Trish had the staff select their favorite products in the salon, and then we made sure to get photos of each of them so they could then use those for posts to promote them. They had multiple, different images so they could either post more than once, or post as a carousel or Reel.

Staff Photos in the salon

We shot all of the staff together in the salon, and then each staff member individually. Look at this group! And look at the aesthetic of this place – I love it!

Lifestyle photos – staff at work

The in-action photos of the staff at work are my favorite. I have a lot of favorites! But seeing how much they care about their clients, and their attention to detail even when “acting” was amazing. If I lived in Brooks, you know I would be coming here!

The staff of The Salon in Brooks. Staff photo taken in the salon by Lethbridge salon photographer Kinsey Holt
The co-owners of The Salon in Brooks, Renee Calvert and Trish Gallup, standing together at the salon front desk.
A variety of salon images at The Salon in Brooks captured by Lethbridge salon photographer Kinsey Holt
Lash tech from the Salon Brooks doing eyelash extensions
Stylist and client laughing together at the Salon in Brooks, captured by Lethbridge brand photographer Kinsey Holt
Lethbridge salon photographer Kinsey Holt - getting you content for your social media
Lethbridge salon photographer - product photos of your products

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