The name of this post is so boring, isn’t it? This is a topic that I think a lot of people brush off. BUT – it is SO important! I do not keep client images indefinitely. I do not promise to keep them longer than one year. So it is up to my clients to back up their own images. And I want them to have them for years to come! I recommend backing up your photos in a minimum of two different places; three is definitely better.

Here is my backup strategy:

Cloud Storage

I use BackBlaze as a cloud storage option – I’ve been using it for a couple of years now after switching from another company and will keep using it! It’s $50/year (US) and it automatically backs up whatever is on your computer (this is key for me, because I don’t want to forget to do it!), and any external hard drives you plug in and tell it to. It does not back up things you delete – you can’t put all of your photos on it and then delete them off of your computer. But the good thing about this is, if you go through and cull your photos (we all need to right?) or delete any other files, you don’t have to go through your backup later and do the same thing. It’s like a mirror of your computer and hard drives. It includes music and other documents as well, not just photos.

You can sign up here and get a month free if you use my link. Why cloud storage? I recommend that one of your backup options be cloud storage because it is off-site. If there is a natural disaster at your house or in your area, or your house burns down, there are files stored elsewhere that you can still access. I do not recommend relying only on cloud storage, because I don’t think it’s smart to count on anything 100%, or to put all of your legs in one basket, as they say. Cloud storage is supposed to be amazingly safe with servers all over the world to spread out the risk of losing data, but there have been rare instances where services have experienced power outages, etc. It is a really great backup option, and just make sure you have at least one other option, too.

External Hard Drive

I have a couple of external hard drives that I copy my photos onto. I keep the same files on both of them, just in case one of them decides to crash. External hard drives have moving/spinning parts that can break or wear out so they are not storage that will last forever. Eventually, a hard drive will probably crash. Which is why I have all of my photos copied onto two of them, and then backed up in the cloud. Every few years I outgrow them (I keep all of my client and personal photos on them – it’s a lot of photos!) and upgrade to a bigger one (more storage) and copy all of my files over.


I don’t count this as one of my 2 primary options, but I do think it’s something everyone should do. There are many ways to print photos – I highly, highly recommend printing photos, and not letting them all just sit in folders on your computer or in your phone! Here are a few ways I print mine:

Scrapbooks/Photobooks – This is something I am a little behind on, but working on catching up! What is the point of taking all of these pictures if we never look at them? I use the Project Life App by Becky Higgins on my phone, and some of her digital products on my desktop to make pages and print them and put them in albums. I am not an elaborate or fancy scrapbooker – for me, simple and clean and done is what I am after. You can also take those pages, which are saved as image files, and load them into any photobook company to make books, or order very high-quality photobooks right through the app. I have done albums with actual pages in page protectors in the past, but I love the size and portability of photo books! The thing I like about albums is that they are easily added to if I forget something, and a page can easily be removed and fixed if I make a mistake. But they take up a lot of space and they’re heavy to get out an look at. And if you’re thinking, “But Kinsey, scrapbooking is for people with kids!” I will tell you that you should be documenting YOUR life! You have so many pictures, kids or no kids, so do something with them! 🙂

I have seen people make pages or photo collages in the app and share them on Instagram and Facebook, too. They have easy-to-customize designs for Christmas cards, grad announcements, baby announcements, wedding thankyous and save the dates, and Valentines cards. You can also print any of these right through the app. Can you tell I love this app? And it’s not expensive at all!

Cake smash by Kinsey Holt Photography, Southern Alberta family photographer, documented with Project Life by Becky Higgins


Wall Prints – I have a collage of family photos on my wall downstairs, as well as other prints around my house in frames, or as canvases. My girls love having pictures of themselves and our family in their room. I have some clients whose homes I have been able to visit who are pretty awesome at printing their photos – I would love to feature some on the blog soon!

Albums – For weddings in particular, I always recommend albums! These are a keepsake that will be opened and looked at for years, and passed down the generations. My other sessions also have the option of ordering an album.


Other ways to display your photos include frames with clips that you can rotate prints on, magnets on your fridge, digital frames, Chatbooks, etc. How do you backup and/or display your photos?

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I got to photograph the Kramer family a few weeks ago, and their kids are the cutest! We started out under the trees where we had some shade – it was one of those 35 degree days that have been the norm this summer. I loved the soft pinks, greens, and blues they wore. Those slightly softer shades photograph so well. I also love photographing princesses, especially with flower crowns. 🙂 Aryn made my job so easy! I know Jeff and Aryn from growing up and high school, but I hadn’t met their children  or other family members until their shoot. Have I mentioned I love shooting families? After we were done in the shade, we ventured to the river to let the kids play a bit – I always love getting a few more candid shots. I know they’re some of my favourite when we get family pictures done.  Thanks for humouring me Kramer family! 🙂



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Kinsey Holt Photography
I think after what to wear, “What will this be like?” may be the next biggest question on client’s minds before a session. Sometimes I get to photograph weddings where someone watched a friend get married, or a friend asks me to take their family photos, but there are many people who I get to meet for the first time when they become clients!

Every photographer is different – we all have different personalities, different shooting styles, even different preferred light. So this is just the way I work!

First of all, I will say that I feel like I have come a long way in my ability to talk to people I don’t know. This didn’t come naturally for me in my everyday life. I told a friend recently that I used to have to consciously shift into “Photographer Mode” when shooting, because in real life I felt shy, but clients want to be told what to do! They don’t want someone whispering behind the camera and leaving them standing awkwardly in silence. I told her that the longer I do this, the easier it is to be in “photographer mode” and talk to strangers.

When I first meet you for a session, I will take a minute to just talk to you! I am not a fan of feeling awkward, and I don’t want you to feel awkward, so I don’t really leave a lot of room for that! I also love meeting people and hearing about their story, so I will ask you lots of questions to get to know more about you. Learning about people really is my favourite part of my job. So many different stories.

Waterton wedding photographer, Kinsey Holt Photography

During our session, while I am taking pictures of you, I will also talk a lot. Kind of a pattern here! 🙂 Since you can’t see yourself, I will be directing you and talking you through everything. I pay attention to the way you stand to help you do it in a way that is flattering. I think every client has heard my “posing spiel” on a generally flattering pose for women. I like to tell you why I do things and keep you from standing still in one pose for too long. And I want you to feel confident in how you’re doing! Also, I believe in giving men something to do with their hands! 🙂

With couple sessions, I generally start with movement, because everyone feels uncomfortable for a few minutes while they get used to being in front of the camera, and moving helps with that. And I’ll say it again – EVERYONE feels uncomfortable at first. But we work through those first few minutes and it wears off!

I will try to get shots that are close up, farther away, horizontal, and landscape. So I may move around more than you do! I will give you prompts of things to do so you aren’t left standing stiff and still like statues. I love real looks and laughs, especially laughs. So feel free to laugh at me. 😉

posing experience with southern alberta wedding photographer Kinsey Holt Photography

During your session, I would encourage you to enjoy just being together, focusing on the two of you and your relationship. Guys, if you want to kiss that girl, by all means feel free. If you want to hold her hand, rub her back, anything affectionate – you just go ahead. You’re marrying this girl! And ladies, give that guy lots of compliments and reassuring smiles. He is most likely doing engagement pictures only for you. 😉 I am so excited for you two!


To book an engagement session, or get more information, simply click the “Contact Me” link above and send me a message! You can also email me at


After booking your engagement session, you will receive  my Engagement Session Guide, with tips on hair, makeup, what to wear, how to prepare, etc.


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What a fun day to be a part of! I met Jesse and Morgan at their engagement session and the thing that impressed me the most about these two was that they really seemed to be the best of friends. Morgan told me about their engagement and how Jesse took her on a hike through knee deep snow to pop the question. After dating in high school and parting ways, the high school sweethearts finally tied the knot surrounded by family and friends in a beautiful backyard ceremony.


I feel like all “Kinsey Holt brides” are those girls who run around in flip flops or sandals by day, and put on the heels for fancy occasions. For her wedding day, Morgan went the cute and comfy route to make sure she enjoyed every minute! Loved her Birkenstocks. And look at that jewelry! Loved it.

Her best friend made sure the dress was just perfect.

Occasionally, I can be funny! 😉

When their limo bus broke down, this happy couple took it all in stride!



Congratulations again you two!!



Dress : Cameo & Cufflinks

Suits: Moores

Bridesmaids Dresses: Cameo & Cufflinks

Wedding Coordinator: patrice Beasley with Edge Events

Videographer: Dream Day Films

Florals: Prairie Blooms Studio

Band/DJ: Fred Bexte with Avalanche Multimedia

Cake Artist: Daniele Trembecki

Hair: Kassidy Lockhart with Flo hair Lounge

Makeup: Kylie Lockhart

Officiant: Pastor Joel Goodnough with Brooks Church of God

Chairs and Barrel Rentals: Tiny T Rentals (Tammy Stern)

Clean up: Jag Cleaning

Decorator: Sara Brost

Bartender/Midnight Lunch: Brooks Hotel

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The latest album just came in the mail, and I got to deliver it to my awesome client over the weekend. I wanted to share a quick peek at this one – it is an 8″x8″ size, and I love that my bride chose the color pink for the cover! Albums come in two different cover options – leather and linen. This is the linen option, in pink.



Here are a few peeks at the inside!


I try to keep spreads with portraits of the bride and groom to just a few photos at the most (and sometimes highlight just one image per spread), but often for reception spreads we squeeze in quite a few! A spread is 2 pages put together, like you see here:


Presley had so many favourites that we put this spread together with several images.


So fun to see images in print!

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